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April 14th, 2024 – This is the 12 - year anniversary of the death of my dear best friend and USMA President Dave King.  

Thanks to my old friends who have called; yes, I do miss Dave & USMA every day. Nothing has changed, I will continue doing exactly how and what Dave would want. When Dave, Rod Dotten and I first started putting USMA together we did not have a clue what was to evolve. We shared the best cruising times of our lives.  

I did put all my efforts into the Billy Sohns/Memorial show to honor two of the most important people in our hobby I have ever known, Billy Sohns, Dave King.  

With great sponsors for awards, sponsors for corrals, entertainment sponsors, Rockin Ronnie put together a fabulous 2-hour live oldie show for car owners and spectators to enjoy. 

My duty was to carry on in the way things have always been. United Street Machine Assoc. will always be remembered as solid and strong. With help from the greatest dedicated staff of volunteers to all the fantastic car owners USMA was able to achieve great events. The USMA Farewell Tour ended. Retirement sounds great! I want to go play like those who attend our events. 

A sincere thank you to all who supported USMA in any way. I have had the chance to meet some wonderful people, work with the best our hobby has to offer. Our friendship means a lot to me. I wish nothing but the very best to all. God Bless my friends.  

Since Dave's passing, I have had the opportunity to take Dave's car around the country to areas where Dave was a local cruiser. With fellow member and friend Tim Hopkinson we have been honored to meet and talk Cruisin with many of Dave's friends. The greatest was going to Dayton Ohio for the indoor show. We took the Memorial display to Cincinnati, asked his favorite son-in-law Jared to bring over his other car for display, Dave’s family, daughters Carol and Mindy also came to hang out. It was 4 days of remembering our leader, family, and friends.  

Since this sharing of Dave's family Tim and I have taken this car to many events. In Dave's will I was honored to receive Dave's Roadster. One thing I will cherish forever is the look on the faces of the family when I gave back Dave's Roadster two years later for them to love and cherish. I felt the car needed to be with those who loved him most. I miss Dave and Linda King very much as partners and friends.  

We all wish to be remembered in some way. Dave King started with me in 1973. We raced against each other many times 1963-68. Together we had some wonderful hot rod adventures. Please take the time to reflect on Dave or go to our web page and get to know him. 

Thanks to all the lifers in USMA. Cruise on my friends. 

Ralph Haney

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 Oct. 27, 1946 - Apr. 14, 2012 

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